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What The New NFL CBA Means To Players

With the new CBA of the NFL being released to the public we can now see the effects that it will have on Players, Owners, and fans everywhere. The major changes we will see to the beloved league is one extra regular season game, playoff game, and one less preseason game. As well the NFL will increase the THC threshold aloud in players drug tests. These changes will give more freedom to players however it will increase the injury's players will deal with and the NFL has not changed the amount of health coverage players will receive. This change is good for NFL players but as said above there are still major flaws in this system.

The current game changes mainly effect the starters of NFL teams. With more game time comes more injury. The main problem with extra games is that players that receive high playtime in games it increases workload and that results in more injury and with more injury increases more healthcare costs. Players receive healthcare from teams however there are many complaints with this system due to its ability to manipulate players into playing more games and not being honest to how far their health problems may lead.

Yet there are still many benefits to these new changes. With the NFL having more playoff and regular season games they will bring in more profit to their owners and the league. With this increase in revenue the NFL will get more TV deals and that is where players really get their money. After a new TV deal the salary cap will skyrocket meaning all players will get a raise. Players will now also get more freedom on drug tests. While law has not changed in federal eyes THC used can not be punished by the NFL.

Overall the new CBA is a wild success to many players. However there are still many changes that need to be made such as the one above. All we can hope for is that whenever a new deal is negotiated we make as many strides forward as we did this time around.

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