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Father and Son Taking a Nap

Good night's sleep
A foundation for our wellbeing

For us and our loved ones

Sleeping Newborn

But, if someone has a fever, we may need to stay up to take care of them

Woman in Bed

Staying up late

makes all of us exhausted

Sleeping Baby


returning peace

to us and our loved ones. 

Mother and a Child

Allowing us to enjoy the things that matter most

Happy Family


the world's first sleep angel with tech

  • Read and monitor body temperature 

  • Automation with many smart technologies

  • Safe to use, on kids, adults, seniors, even on newborns

  • Bring peace of mind back to the entire family

  • FDA 510K compliant, FCC compliant


Coming Soon...

Our Latest FeverTracker with AIoT 

Thanks for your support 

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