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Passing The Torch

After Kobe passed the World began to scramble.

All Media outlets were in a frenzy breaking down the helicopter crash that caused the death of Kobe Bryant.

After being drafted by Charlotte and being quickly traded to the Lakers Kobe made an impact. Kobe the basketball player became one of the greatest of all time to ever grace the hardwood, but Kobe the person became an idol to many. Kobe's impact on the fabric of sports changed not only how we play the game, but how we see the game. In his 20 years as a Laker Kobe brought home 5 NBA championships, 18 All-Star appearances, an MVP award, and many other achievements. This hold on sports and society makes him one of the most influential people in not only sports but world history. My belief is that Kobe should be the logo of the NBA, however it seems very unlikely to happen.

When delving into the topic we must understand the current state of the logo. While widely known that Jerry West is the current logo the NBA has refused to ever once confirm that he is the representation of their Association. This means more than you may think because by denying he is the logo the NBA has to pay nothing to West. However if they changed their logo to Kobe the NBA would be forced to compensate the family, agent, and anyone else that might be entitled to profits of using his likeness. As well If the NBA were to pursue changing the logo to Kobe they would be dealing with more politics than ever. Kobe has a past that is hard to ignore with backlash coming from his sexual assault case in the early 2000's. There is backlash for him to be honored as a man let alone being the representation of one of the biggest brands in history. Even with over 2 million signatures on the "Make Kobe The Logo" petition I don't think that in the world we live in we could make this possible.

There are so many ways to honor a man of Kobe's stature and the logo would be one of them. If you feel like you want to make a difference in how this turns out you can Email the NBA Community Manager Andy. While it is hard to comprehend the loss of one of the greatest we must remember what he left us with. In Kobe's last words said on the hardwood "Mamba Out."

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