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How The NBA 2K Franchise Has Failed Fans

The 2K Games publisher is one of the most dominant sports game creator of the past two generations of gaming consoles. They have consistently increased revenue since the NBA 2K counterpart was created. With it's semi-recent release of NBA 2K20 fans have become increasingly upset with the company and their product. Many fans are calling the release both "Shameful" and "inexcusable" and this comes from criticism that has continued since it's heavy push for micro-transactions were introduced around 2015. Fans of the NBA series have been ashamed of the product they have been pushed year in and year out. This series of games has been wrapped in lies and deception in order to push game sales and profits and this has been noticed specifically in its most recent release. Fans have been screaming from the top of their lungs about key changes that need to be changed into the company yet almost all of them have not only been unanswered but fans have been written of entirely just for the companies bottom line and profit margins.

It has been commonplace for the past few micro-transactions to be in games for the past couple of years however there is a truly horrifying correlation in gaming titles that contain gambling hidden in there games. Sports games. Sports games have become notorious in selling micro-transactions in fact we have seen that both the Madden series and 2K series have made more money with virtual currency and gems then they have in game sales. While this seams normal for games to do so what you may not be thinking about is that these games come out annually. Many games have this correlation but that is only after they have been out for multiple years such as Rainbow Six Siege or Counter Strike Global Offense. Micro-transactions have made these games predatory due to some of the modes containing packs which a person spends real money on a random player which you could literally profit from. What is worse about this is that anyone that can play this game can play the mode while the game is advertised "E" for "Everyone". This is far from the only problem hidden in this title including but not limited to deception to gain game sales.

Ronnie Singh the community manager also known as "Ronnie2K" is the main person lying to their customers. Ronnie has said on live stream that there would be multiple new features in the game including there would be visual changes in the most popular game mode "My Player" however there was nothing. Ronnie even had the audacity to lie during the open beta that they were working on the change and when called out on it he said "Believe whatever you want". This company has let its fans be deceived for economic capital and gains.

What is one of the worst parts of this deceptive company is that the managers constantly say they are listening yet never respond to any concerns brought up. In fact a Social media influencer "Agent00" has begged for years to hire more developers so the company can make monumental strides in sports gaming however in response to his constant want to make the game better the developers punished him by taking his influencer logo in the game. As well Ronnie has talked negatively of him in live streams and even claimed he reached his US Visa due to his actions. Overall Ronnie has not only been a bad executive but a bad person and all we have heard is radio silence from his superiors about his actions and how he represents their company.

Photos courtesy of 2K

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