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Traxxas VS HPI | RC ATTACK #2

Welcome to the second edition of RC ATTACK where I will compare cars on affordability, performance and durability. This weeks opponents are Traxxas VS HPI electric cars(most of my in formation will be based from modelsport).

Today we will start of with Traxxas as again I know more about them. First of all we will cover the overall affordability of the brand before zoning in on 2 similarly priced cars at the end. So on that note lets get into it most of Traxxas' cars range in price from £160, for a smaller Bandit model and up to £1000 for larger faster cars like the X-MAXX. So they have quite a large price range which is good as you can get affordable and high end cars from one brand. On to the next part, performance. Traxxas's cars are very popular and for good reason, because they perform well like the slash ultimate brushless (which will be my focus car from Traxxas at £580) which can do up to 60mph not to mention it's Traxxas controller and receiver to give it high quality control that can be used on all their cars. These special Traxxas branded batteries, controllers, and other parts allow them to be much more durable than some of its competitors but with quality comes price. So you better hope they don't break as they are very expensive to replace. This concludes my part on Traxxas and they have done quite well.

Next we will cover HPI and to start we will cover the prices of their cars. Their prices begin at around £160 like Traxxas for their micro series and their higher prices sit at £550 for their HPI vorza flux which is one of their best performing cars. This means that HPI's price range is smaller but that doesn't mean they don't have a wide range of cars. Now onto performance, again HPI is quite a popular brand for good reason as their car are known to be high performing and very fast. Their Vorza flux model can reach speeds of up to 73mph which is faster than the Slashes 60mph. This is already very good as we haven't even mentioned their waterproof brushless motor and 2.4 GHz radio system allowing for smooth control over the car. Now we move onto durability, being an owner of a Vorza Flus myself I know that because of their speed they can break very easily and very bad from only a small hit at the wrong angle. This doesn't mean that they aren't durable but it confirms they aren't the best on that front. So now we will move onto a one to one with the specific cars.

With these reviews I try not to take favourites or be bias but I do definitely have a preference towards the Vorza as it so fast and fun but for the sake of the review I will be putting that aside. Out of the two cars the Vorza is the fastest and the Slash is the more expensive, however the Slash has a lot more quality in the way its built and easier access to replacements. The Vorza, on the other hand still has easy access to replacement parts however it's not as durable. This will conclude my small part on a 1 to 1 car review. Onto the final conclusion.

To conclude I will have to say that as a brand Traxxas is better as it has a much wider range of prices and cars not to mention it's great customer service and own parts allowing cars to be more durable and higher performing. Although with that said in the 1 on 1 section the HPI Vorza Flux definitely wins as it's faster and cheaper with good durability.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did enjoy it please leave a like and share it with your friends and family.

Stay tuned for next week :)

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