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The world of RC crawlers

RC trail crawlers are a great area to explore the world of RC tech, this is because of it's enjoyable nature and how easy they are to setup and drive. With a crawler very little to no tuning is required to use them, all you need to do is put a suitable battery in and drive. One of the best things about trail crawlers is that you only need to go down to your local park or into your back garden to use them as their ideal track is muddy with lots of obstacles, with varying difficulty depending on the driver's skills. However a downside to trail crawlers is that they often break when you push their limits and can be quite expensive to fix and occasionally quite difficult as well. RC trail crawlers are a great series of cars but they are for a more experienced RC enthusiast.

If you are looking for a better type of car to begin with then you could get a short-course truck, a truggie or a rock crawler. The difference between a rock crawler and a trail crawler is that the rock crawlers generally have a higher suspension and often have less precise speed

s. These attributes make them a great variation of car to begin with as they are quite easy to use and are a lot of fun, on top of that they can also lead you into being ready for a beginner level crawler. Most decent to good level trail crawlers and rock crawlers range in prices from

$200 - $500 making fairly affordable in comparison to other types of RC cars. Another thing to consider when looking into purchasing RC cars is the brand. Some good brands for trail and rock crawlers are FTX, HPI, Axial and Traxxas. One of the best (but most expensive) crawlers you can buy is Traxxas' TRX 4 which comes as a Land Rover Defender, a Mercedes 4x4, a Ford Bronco or a Chevrolet Blazer. It is a very good truck and quite easy to control but it is very expensive with a price tag of $560.

Another great thing about crawlers is their wide range of customization and optimization. Some examples of customization are the shells you put on the car can be different models of cars or different paint jobs, and to optimize your cars performance you could get better tires or get snow tracks. Things like this are what make it such a brilliant choice in the RC world of cars.

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