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Electric VS Nitro | RC ATTACK

Welcome to the first weekly edition of RC ATTACK where I will compare cars on affordability, performance and durability . If I see a lot of like and support towards it I will post more often. The first weeks opponents are Electric RC cars VS Nitro (most of my information will be based off of HPI, Traxxas, and FTX).

We will start off with Electric cars as I know more about them as I own a few myself. To begin with I will talk about the prices, most electric cars range from £1000 - £100 from high end cars to mediocre ones. But most good cars will cost around £200 - £300 which is fairly affordable for an average income. Secondly I will review the performance and durability of the electric cars. Most electric cars run off of LiPo batteries which are quite durable if you know how to keep and run them, on top of that most of their main components are durable and/or replaceable. So that shows that they are quite durable as far as RC cars go. But are they high performing? Well that more depends on the model or brand than the type but most of the popular Traxxas, FTX and HPI models I've seen do perform well and go very fast. And on that we can conclude the electric section.

Now onto the Nitro section the price range is around £150 - £600 for most of the cars so they are coming alot cheaper than the electric cars which is great start. Secondly we will look at durability, most nitro cars go very fast and get very hot so naturally parts will often break but are all replaceable and upgradeable. However they can also be difficult to even get running or keep running as they need a large supply of nitro fuel which can be costly and on top of that they need a small battery to run the electrics in them. But when they are running they are extremely fun, loud and fast. So that makes them worth it in my opinion.

In conclusion I think that even though they are more expensive in some cases, electric cars win as they perform better for longer, are easier to run and have such a wide range to choose from making them better than nitros. If you disagree or just want to suggest next weeks competitors comment below and I will try to respond.

Stay tuned for next week :)

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1 Comment

rick wang
rick wang
May 05, 2020

very cool

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